Engineered Lightweight Acoustic & Sealing Solutions
Safety and Environmental
Environmental Management System
A Top Environmental Management System (EMS):
  • Serves as an important tool to improve environmental performance
  • Provides a systematic way of managing an organization’s environmental affairs
  • Is the aspect of the organization’s overall management structure that addresses immediate and long-term impacts of its products, services and processes on the environment
  • Gives order and consistency for organizations to address environmental concerns through the allocation of resources, assignment of responsibility and ongoing evaluation of practices, procedures and processes
  • Focuses on continual improvement of the system

Unique Fabricating’s Environmental Management System encompasses the aforementioned principles and environmental aspects related to the design, engineering, and manufacture of die cut and molded parts and assemblies from foam, sponge rubber, felt, urethane, and textiles used for insulation, cushioning, sound deadening, seals, and gaskets for automotive and industrial customers

Waste Stream Management is at the core of Unique’s EMS disposal and recycling operations by-products such as used fluids, aerosols, materials, office supplies, and other environmentally threatening products is a key EMS aspect. Finding alternative ways to mitigate and reduce waste stream levels in our die cutting, molding, and forming processes is an on-going EMS stewardship improvement goal at Unique Fabricating.
Quality Management Policy
The Unique Fabricating family is committed to being an effective, efficient, and competitive supplier by focusing on:
  • Identifying, planning, and meeting customer satisfaction requirements
  • Supplying products and services to customer custom requirements in the most effective, safe, and environmentally conscious manner
  • The review of our management system suitability, objectives, and targets to promote improvement and balance in quality, delivery, cost, profitability, and customer satisfaction
  • Environmental stewardship through pollution prevention, resource consumption reduction, and waste recycling management
  • Compliance to relevant and subscribed governing laws, regulations, technical specification requirements
  • Promoting awareness of our Quality Management Systems objectives and environmental stewardship with our employees and community

A strategic manufacturing footprint, Environment Management System, and Quality Management Policy all designed to optimally serve the needs of industrial and domestic and new automotive OEMs and their Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. That is Unique Fabricating’s corporate theme globally.