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There are many advantages in using returnable package systems in general manufacturing and automotive production environments including:
  • They reduce long-term reccurring costs
  • There is improvement in part protection because of their construction to support heavy loads and to last repeated uses
  • Returnable containers improve workers safety with the addition of handles and grasping areas for ease of use
  • Returnable packaging eliminates the trash, dirt, and dust of expendable packaging
  • They improve space utilization by being constructed to stack
  • Reusable packaging lessens environment impact by reducing the trash sent to landfills
Our high-performance packaging designs are custom engineered based on the unique logistical and packaging needs of each customer and to meet the fragility and density requirements of automotive OEMs and suppliers. We have designed many returnable packaging solutions from a wide array of materials to protect class ”A” finishes with products such as partitions, foam die cuts, plastic/foam assemblies, hanging pouches, curtains, and dust covers. From protective dunnage for steel racks, vinyl bags, and fascia covers to rigid foam partitions for plastic corrugated shipping containers and totes, Unique Fabricating is relied upon by some of the largest manufacturers in the world, including many domestic and new domestic automotive OEMs shown in the scrolling display below.
Our automotive dunnage is durable and lightweight offering superior cushioning for both inter and intra plant round-trip usage. Our engineers strive to strategically place more parts per cubic foot in dunnage applications, sometimes increasing shipping density many fold. Our approach is always innovative and pro-active to deliver the time and cost savings that you expect in a reusable packaging supplier.
Additionally, we’ll help your company implement, achieve, and maintain safe, cost-effective environmentally-friendly packaging practices that will mirror your commitment to be as green as possible. We’ll consult with you to arrive at the optimal solution that will balance the factors of cost, minimal packaging waste, and part protection to enhance the quality of your end product and to make your company more profitable.
With production facilities in Michigan, Georgia, and Mexico, Unique Fabricating is positioned and committed like no other returnable packaging supplier to meet your needs in North America.
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